Poem and Analysis;

This poem is a reflection of which culture it came from because the poem is about a woman not wanting her lover to go to war. This poem was written in 1963 and this was the year that the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred. The Cuban Missile Crisis was between America and Cuba. Russia put missiles into Cuba and America found out about it and wanted them removed which caused a conflict and almost a war between the two countries. This means that the woman’s lover was going to fight in the war that almost occurred and she felt strongly about him not going.

By Rachel Uomoto
This poem is a reflection of Cuban culture because the author is saying that in cuba it is sad how none of the upper class pays any attention to the poverty that is in Cuba. They just walk by scenes of poverty without paying any attention to it. Even though people have access to free social services and guaranteed provision of essential goods and basic food items in Cuba, children such as the boy in The Boy Who Sells Greens, still has trouble surviving withought a family.

by Christine Baker

This poem relates to the culture it comes from because it's about a women in Cuba and her mother in Miami. In the second stanza Carilda says that she wants to bring her mother home to Cuba to live "with the sun inside you" and it's very sunny in Cuba. Also mothers and daughters usually are very close in Cuba, even more so than in America and in this poem you can tell Carilda wants to be close to her mother. That is how the poem relates to the culture it came from. 

By Vanessa Tordillos